Hospital Based MedicineOur board certified hospital-based physicians fall into two areas: Critical Care Medicine specialists, also known as Intensivists, and Hospitalists.

Critical Care Medicine specialists treat patients with critical illness, many of whom have sustained or are at risk of suffering failure of at least one organ system and require intensive care.

Hospitalists are physicians—often specialists in internal medicine, family medicine or pediatrics—who care for hospitalized patients, in collaboration and constant contact with their patients' primary care physicians.

Our hospital-based specialists coordinate your care with your physician. 

Before you’re admitted to the hospital, your primary care physician contacts a Hospitalist or Critical Care Medicine specialist and shares your condition and medical record, allowing your Hospital Medicine specialist to be fully informed about you and your illness. The process is similar to what happens when your physician refers you to a specialist for additional tests and treatments.

During your hospital stay, your primary care physician and Hospitalist or Critical Care Medicine specialist will continue to work together on your treatment. When you are discharged, your Hospitalist or Critical Care Medicine specialist will discuss any further treatment needs with your primary care physician, help arrange follow-up and prescribe any necessary medications. He or she will also update your primary care physician with your latest hospital records. 

Most importantly, the Hospitalist or Critical Care Medicine specialist is available to you and your family at any time, day or night. When you need a doctor, he or she is there for you.